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Parking Options Available at Newark Airport


Airport parking is one of the last things a person thinks about while parking for leisure or a business trip. Most travelers assume that parking in the airport is the easiest, safest and cheapest way to but it is not the case especially at Newark airport. Newark airport parking can be a headache to ill-prepared travelers due to the sheer volumes of people traveling through the airport. Studies show that in 2009 over 35 million people moved through the Newark international airport. This makes the airport along JFK international airport and LaGuardia international airport the busiest airport network in the United States. This airport system serves the New York-New jersey metropolitan


Newark Liberty international airport has over 17000 parking spaces available for airport workers, passengers, and the general public. These parking slots are available in the short term, hourly and long term parking available within the airport complex and off airport location. Newark Liberty international airport consists of three levels of parking on the ground. A traveler needs to know their options to make traveling seamlessly.Short-term and hourly EWR parking are available at Newark airport parking A, B, and C at 6 dollars per hour and a cap of 33 dollars per day. This is considered the best and most convenient option since the lots are located right to the central terminal. This parking slot is suitable if you are sending off or picking up someone and will be at the airport for not more than two hours. View website here!


Three nearby Newark airport parking facilities provide daily parking rates. Daily parking lots P1, P2, and P3 offer daily parking at a price of 24 dollars a day while P4 charges a total amount of 27 dollars a day. This is a good option due to convenience and therefore would be adequate for a traveler who will be gone for a day or two. Newark airport long-term parking is an excellent choice long trips like a seven-day vacation. The parking lots named as P6 are located at the northern side of the airport and cost 18 dollars a day. Visit this website at http://tours.cnn.com for more details about parking.


The last available option for parking is the off-parking private parking and garage. There are several premium parking facilities. An example of such is the EZWAY parking which will offer the traveler closest parking to the airport entrance. The traveler also has access to free shuttle transport to the airport and back. Further to this the EZWAY parking g will full assistance with your luggage and enhanced security and assured parking by making an online reservation. Click here!